Patient and In Control

Don't push me in---


I’m spending this summer working on a “book-length” project that I want a draft of by Labor Day. I probably will not be posting here during the summer unless there are things to update or things that I’ve published elsewhere that I want to bring people’s attention to. There are some rec’s below the photo I promise.

Feel free to reach out either by email (, on Twitter (@zarenky1) or Instagram (@matt_zark) if you want to chat or if you want me to write something for you or your magazine/website, etc.



  • I was in one of my favorite online magazines Damage Magazine last week reviewing Sarah Schulman’s very long Let the Record Show and discussed triumphalism in left politics. You can find it here along with the rest of their wonderful writing

  • Leo Robson wrote a really excellent essay at the New Left Review: Sidecar about J. Hillis Miller, postmodernism, and the Yale School of Literary Criticism. Robson’s other essays are also worth a read as he is a brilliant critic, even a “wonderkid” according to a Norwegian paper

  • New Japanese Breakfast album Jubilee is certified “Good Shit”

  • I’ve read some good books recently and will hopefully be discussing them in long-form in other places—at which point I’ll write another update